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November 23, 2016

Tonight I sat down with her to pick up a tradition we skipped last year. With a pen and a notepad, she began listing the things she's most thankful for. With a smile after every thing she mentioned like an exclamation point at the end of her sentence, she named something for each day of November leading up to Thanksgiving just as she did for her Thankful List from 2013 and her Thankful List from 2014. Below is her list from this year and it's fun to watch it evolve.

1.  family
2.  funny faces
3.  Jesus
4.  Lakely, my best friend, and friends/classmates
5.  a cozy bed
6.  warm sheets
7.  my house
8.  my teachers and school
9.  clothes
10.  toys
11.  food
12.  TV
13.  books
14.  hair bows
15.  jewelry
16.  Charlie
17.  good health
18.  laughter
19.  movies
20.  imagination
21.  music
22.  dolls

...and just as it's the last thing she mentions in her prayers at bedtime...

23.  Mommy and Daddy

Happy Thanksgiving!

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