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November 26, 2013

Since this is the first Thanksgiving Madison is able to really verbalize the things she’s thankful for, we thought we would start the tradition of asking her to name something she's grateful for every day in November.  From the first day of the month leading up to the day we cut the turkey and start passing around warm dishes of delicious family recipes we'll ask her to name something she appreciates; it should be interesting to see how this list evolves over the years.  Below is her list in the order she gave it (although I think her answers would be interchangeable depending on the time or the day we inquired).

1.    Daddy and Mama
2.    Nana, Granddaddy and Uncle Josh
3.    Geeba (Grandma), Papa and Uncle Ed
4.    Sophia, Lakely and Abby (preschool friends)
5.    the Wiggles
6.    orange juice
7.    Ariel and mermaids
8.    baby Jesus
9.    princesses
10.  fairies
11.  comfy bed
12.  toboggans (the hat)
13.  fluffy animals
14.  socks
15.  elephants
16.  Tinkerbell
17.  books
18.  cars
19.  angels
20.  CaCa (Carson) and Grady (her BFFs)
21.  the Beast (this one surprised me)
22.  peek-a-boo
23.  shoes
24.  fireplace
25.  colors
27.  Fruit Snacks, Goldfish and Teddy Grahams

...and last, but not least, something we're all thankful for...

28.  toes

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Toes! Now that's a good one. :) OHHH, I love this idea. We are totally going to have to do this next year. It's so fun to see them all lined up. So precious and also pretty spectacular. Nice job on making it in #1. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm interested to see if Allison and I can hold our number one spot over the years.

  2. What a great idea!!!! And congrats for making the top of the list ;). I'm not sure I'd make the top of my son's list....and toes, awesome! Did you have to explain what "being thankful for" meant?

    1. We did explain what being thankful was and what this holiday is all about, I'm not sure she comprehended it completely (she's only 2) as she seemed to name a few things she likes. In a way though, this list, with a few exceptions here and there, somewhat mirrors her prayers and as long as she knows who to thank for her blessings (even if they're fluffy animals and orange juice), I'll take it!


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