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October 23, 2013

Thick as thieves, these three.  Over the past few months, Doc and Lambie (from Doc McStuffins) have become legitimate members of our family.  They join us every time we move from room to room, every time we leave the house  and everywhere little Miss Madison goes they go, too.

She takes them to preschool.

She takes them outside to play.

She takes them to Grandma and Papa’s house.

She takes them grocery shopping.

They sleep with her.

They wake up with her.

They eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with her… sitting in her high chair, one on each side of her.

You could play Where’s Waldo? (the Lambie and Doc version) with my Instagram feed; they appear individually or together in several of the pictures taken and very rarely is Madison ever seen without them.

Doc joined our household a week or two before Lambie and the days between the adoption dates, if you will, were spent with Madison asking and then practically begging for the cuddling lamb in a pink tutu.  Allison and I decided to use this as a bit of leverage during the final stages of potty training and promised that Lambie would come to live with us if she could make it a full week without pull ups or an accident (including through the night and at preschool).

We pretended to make phone calls to keep Lambie updated of Madison’s progress and to make arrangements for her visit as it seemed inevitable that Madison would uphold her end of the bargain forcing us to do the same.  Seven days later this happened:

We can’t possibly be the only parents making a production of the smallest things… a quick kiss in the morning, a high five during dinner, a random hug in the middle of story time or the celebrated arrival of a new stuffed animal friend.  It’s always the little moments that seem to mean the most.


  1. I love kids & their lovies. So innocent and lovely! It's great that Madison overcame the last leg of her potty training and what a great reward. J likes to watch that show too. The theme song gets stuck in my head. Grrrr.

    1. At least with Doc, I can tolerate a few episodes because it's creative and has a good message plus (excluding that snowman) the characters aren't annoying.


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