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October 3, 2013

When drafting a post, I have adopted the method of simply saying what I feel about what is on my mind or whatever topic I feel needs to be documented at that particular moment.  Once published, it's interesting to see which posts become more popular than others.  Believe it or not, this post has quickly become one of the most viewed posts since I started this blog. Who would have guessed? So I figured an update on how things are looking on the potty front couldn't hurt.  Not interested?  Then read this post instead.

We are no longer using pull ups! Madison is in underwear all the time, including while traveling in the car seat and at night while sleeping. Thus far she sleeps through the night without any accidents and I can think of only one occasion where she woke us up after initially falling asleep to use the potty… which she did successfully.

We are no longer offering rewards for triumphant trips; however, we did implement a reward system when she started preschool if she used the potty while she was there. Day One saw an accident (which we fully expected but refused to regress to pull ups as a crutch) yet she has done well ever since.

We are still working on the transition from the potty to the toilet, although I will admit we’re not exactly stressing this as much as we probably should. For me, I’m fine if she uses her potty for now. We have plenty of time to actively pursue this going forward.  Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be as big of an issue as I’m making it out to be since she uses the toilet at preschool plus she’s used the toilet at home a few times here and there.

We've conquered wiping, at least for number one.  We'll work on number two later.  We've also tackled flushing!  Like members of a bowel brigade, we march that bowl to the toilet and she flushes while I (or Allison) make the transfer.  Sometimes she even says bye.  Manners, folks.  They're so important.

A new challenge has presented itself though... convincing her to go before we leave the house.  Every time we're ready, Allison and I ask her to sit on the potty to try before we leave.  You know, just in case.  Every time she says she doesn't have to go and grabs a stuffed animal (or two or three) in a choke hold and heads for the door with a super toddler speed waddle.  After much persuasion (and maybe some bribing, don't judge) she will eventually pop a squat on the pot and, more often than not, use it.  We've found that if we don't engage in this battle that she will, without a doubt, ask to use the restroom five minutes after we've embarked on whatever excursion is on the agenda. 
We still praise her heavily for using the potty (I guess we could calm down a little), but she’s potty trained for crying out loud! That’s a reason to celebrate. No more diapers. No more pull ups.  I'm so excited I could pee.


  1. Parents love to talk about potty training so no surprise it's a popular post. I love how you ended this post haha. Yaaaay for potty trained!! My son is potty trained but he doesn't sleep through the night. Instead he comes crying to our room, telling us he has to go potty, demand that daddy help him and then demand that daddy sleeps in his bed next to him. Hope this ends soon.

    1. It's an adventure, that's for sure. Good luck with J sleeping through the night... at least he wakes your husband to potty! If only he would allow him to go back to sleep in his own bed. Maybe soon.


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