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October 27, 2013

When we asked Madison what she wanted to be for Halloween this year she said a mermaid.  While searching for mermaid costumes we noticed two trends, either they were exceptionally provocative (especially for a two year old) or they were a poor interpretation.  If she were going to be a mermaid, we wanted her to be legit.  However, the one costume we found was so legit that she wouldn't be able to walk in it.

We scratched the mermaid idea and asked what else she wanted to be; she said she wanted wings.  We thought about Tinkerbell, but ultimately decided on a butterfly.  We ordered another costume by Tom Arma since we liked the one from last year so much.  Madison loves it.  She waves her arms up and down in rapid succession screaming flap, flap because... you know, that's what butterflies do.

Surrounded by cotton and lit by the fall sun, I couldn't help but think of the expression that these are the caterpillar years and before long she will be a butterfly eager to spread her wings and fly away. Although her wingspan will develop much quicker than I could ever prepare myself for, at least the wings of this costume are only temporary.


  1. That is one dope costume!!! Will keep this company in mind for the future. Love the photos in the cotton field! How cool you have those nearby.

    1. We love Tom Arma costumes! I would definitely encourage you to check him out. Cotton fields, tobacco fields... if it grows in a field, I probably live near it. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!


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