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November 25, 2014

Last year, we sat down with Madison and asked her to name something she was thankful for and we asked for something to represent every day of November until Thanksgiving. This year, we did the same and hope to continue this little activity every year going forward. It's interesting to see how her list differs from the one before it and it will be even more interesting to watch it change over time (for example, where her mother and I rank). 

At first, we thought the material items she listed were a direct reflection of our parenting and while that may be true to a degree, seeing what she mentioned when asked what she's thankful for also provides an insight of what areas we need to make more of an effort in developing. Our hope is to help her understand what being thankful really means and watch the evolution of this list as it happens.

1.    chickens
2.    Elsa and Anna
3.    Daddy and Mama
4.    elephants
5.    Tuffy and Fluffy (stuffed animals she sleeps with)
6.    matching games
7.    Nana
8.    Grandma and Papa and Uncle Ed
9.    books
10.  Benson
11.  my bed
12.  food
13.  my house
14.  my bedroom shoes
15.  my play tent
16.  lamps
17.  orange juice
18.  chairs
19.  my teachers
20.  my pillow
21.  pizza and lollipops and cake
22.  baby Jesus
23.  Lambie
24.  dresses
25.  blankets
26.  family

...last but not least...

27.  friends

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Where would we be without chairs? I think we can all give thanks for chairs.

    1. Agreed. Lamps, too! I'm guilty of taking both for granted more often than not.


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