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January 22, 2013

Yes.  I just used the words "da birfday" and not because Benson is black (that would be racist plus technically he's of Mexican descent), but mainly because I love its definition from urban dictionary.  However, that's besides the point.  This isn't about the mispronunciation of words, it's about...

It just so happens to be his birthday this week and he's turning 8.  That's really old in dog years... 56 if the calculation myth proves true.  So don't let those 3 pounds fool you, he ain't no baby puppy.  He is a chihuahua, often referred to as a teacup chihuahua and has a very large apple head.  Don't worry, he knows he has a big head.  I tell him all the time.  His tongue almost always hangs out of his mouth, he's not trying to be rude or mock you so don't take it personally.  That being said, he's not the most intelligent dog you'll ever come across.  Unless you include falling and running into door frames in the category of Things a Smart Dog Does... but he is an exceptionally loving dog.  He is the epitome of a lap dog and his one goal for the day (every day) is to find his way under a blanket so he can stretch out and snore like a bear.  If there's not a blanket near by, laundry will always be the runner up unless it just came out of the dryer in which case he'll forgo the blanket completely.  Every.  Time. 

Allison and I were in our early twenties when we decided to get a dog.  Our thought process was a dog would make our crib house feel more like a home.  So the search began and ultimately landed on this tiny little creature that Allison somehow persuaded me into getting.  At first, I found him to be boring as he didn't do anything but lay in our laps and sleep.  He was only 3 months old when he joined the family so he was still very, very small and all I wanted him to do was bark.  I couldn't wait to hear what a bark sounded like coming from what looked like a battery operated toy version of a dog.  Fast forward to now and all I want is for him to shut up.  He barks relentlessly.  Non.  Stop.  Probably because he's scared of everything.  See a fly?  He hauls butt in the other direction.  Stairs?  He'll go up, but he's not coming back down instead he'll stand there barking until your ears bleed and you march up there to get him.  Even though he can be quite the princess, he's a part of our family and definitely helps make our house a home.  Plus Madison likes him, so we have to keep him around.

Do you have pets?  Are they considered family?  Do you celebrate their birthday?  Would you like to have Benson?  Joking.  He's not for sale; my wife would kill me.

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