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February 26, 2015

It was her idea to use blueberries so I gathered several in a bowl and threw in a baby carrot for good measure before we suited up to brave the winter wonderland that was our backyard. Over the last 24 hours flakes fell from the sky completely covering our lawn in the process and after having snow cream as dessert before our dinner the night of, the next morning began our official snow day and we were determined to play in it until we could no longer feel our fingers.

In pink from the tip of her nose to the boots covering her toes, we made our way through approximately four inches of fluffy white snow (a blizzard by most North Carolina standards) yet far more enjoyable than the ice we received last week. We threw snowballs and we laughed and I spun her around with her feet in the air and she asked the one question every child asks when they see the ground covered as it was… do you want to build a snowman?

And we did. We built her first snowman within the restrictions of our fenced in yard against the threatening sun as it climbed overhead. We gave him blueberry eyes and blueberry buttons with a tiny carrot nose; he wasn’t your typical snowman, hardly round nor divided into thirds and without a pipe or a mouth to hold it. She patted him with her mitten covered hands until she was content with his shape and she stepped back to look and said “this is the best snowman ever”.

I buried any criticism I could find into a ball of snow and launched it at her belly. She let a loud laugh escape as if the blow forced it out and she tried to hit me back with a snowball of her own. We spent the next hour or so making angel impressions as we moved our limbs back and forth, we gathered snow into a pile at the bottom of her slide as a landing and before we went inside to thaw ourselves, I looked back at that little creation of ours and found myself agreeing with her…he really was the best snowman ever.


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