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January 23, 2014

The making of snow cream is subjective and varies from home to home I've discovered.  We prefer the less is more approach and tend to let the snow itself be the star of the dish in that we don't add but a few ingredients and in fairly small amounts.  If you were to stop by our house on a random snow day we'd serve you a bowl of the following snow cream recipe and ask politely that you leave your winter boots at the door.

1 large bowl of (clean / fresh) snow
pure vanilla extract
milk (or condensed milk)

Collect snow in a large bowl and while outside add sugar and vanilla to taste then mix in milk until desired consistency is met.  Some prefer an ice cream consistency while others prefer more of a slushy texture, if the latter is the goal add more milk.  (For a sweeter tasting cream use condensed milk instead of regular milk.) In our experience, the most important detail is to mix the ingredients outdoors as the snow tends to melt fairly quickly once inside.

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