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January 26, 2014

Last week, our area of North Carolina saw its first snow of the year... and it seems the two inches we received may be a preview of more to come should Mother Nature serve the weather as the forecast predicts. We watched the flakes glisten in the moonlight as they started falling once the sun set that evening. Allison and I made a quick wish that the snow collecting in our yard would decide to hang around until morning allowing Madison the opportunity of getting her mitten covered hands on the cold rarity.

While last February marked her first experience with snow, this year saw the launching of her very own snowball. With a case of the sniffles (that would unknowingly turn into a respiratory virus later in the week), we didn't allow our bundled joy to stay outside for very long even though she would have preferred otherwise.  We ran circles in the yard with our footprints leaving a trail with every step, we attempted to create snow angels and collected a bowl of snow for making cream later.  It's impossible to get used to, that light in her eyes revealing itself whenever she's having the time of her life; a light warming me to the bone every time I catch it, even in a snow covered setting.


  1. So glad she got to enjoy the snow! And snow cream!!!! (Though I can never trust how clean snow is...) Us in Maryland are kinda hoping for an early spring b/c these cold cold temps are getting ridiculous!

    1. We usually leave a large bowl out when we notice the snow starting in hopes of catching it as it falls instead of having to scrape it off something, but then again I'm not sure how clean that really is either... snow cream is delicious though. Regarding spring, I couldn't agree with you more!


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