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February 11, 2014

Mother Nature has a habit of being fairly selective with the covering of her winter blanket yet we’ve seen our little piece of land on the receiving end of her crafting talents three times this year already. Large white snowflakes, each one different and equally beautiful as their skydiving friends, tumble from the heavens until they each land, one on top of the other, upon the yard that promises to memorize steps of the growing toddler feet running barefoot during every other season.

This afternoon I watched Madison bury her hands in mittens a size too large (a debate her mother and I have over almost every article of clothing but more so concerning winter staples) then waddle towards the door before bracing herself for the chilly embrace of temperatures lower than my age. I watched as she placed one boot covered foot in front of the other finding balance and security with every additional step then suddenly she discovered her confidence and ran through the yard leaving shrieks of laughter in her snow packed footprints … and it happened. The kind of moment where I find myself lost in the memory of the little girl she used to be; the same song and dance she just performed but with much more hesitation this time last year during her first snow experience.

Last February the flakes came as a few flurries before falling fast all at once until the ground was covered within an hour; they stopped as abruptly as they started and disappeared by sunrise the following day. Luckily, we managed to take a few pictures between attempts of catching snowflakes on our tongues … just a few images as proof that sometimes it snows in our neck of the woods. Although this year would lead you to believe accumulation of this type is far more common than it really is. I suppose this could be a case of the grass is always greener yet how would one really be able to tell under the mask of a white lawn.

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