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January 29, 2014

The last time Allison and I were snowed in by North Carolina standards (which means accumulation in excess of 4 inches) was early 2004.  We spent the evening in my apartment with our legs and arms weaved together under a blanket on my couch watching season after season of a popular crime drama until we were completely caught up on the series.  We ordered pizza and ate our weight in cheese, bread and pepperoni. We were young, we were in love and we only left the apartment over those 48 hours in effort to return the seasons we watched (in a time before Netflix invited itself into every home) and exchange them for the next collection of the series.  We never wanted the marathon to end, we never wanted the pizza box to be empty and we never wanted the love between us in that moment to change… yet it did.  The marathon ended, the last slice was consumed and that love between us evolved into something we never could have imagined. 

When the snow piled up outside our home last night, we immediately found ourselves mentally returning to that couch in the living room of my first apartment craving junk food and a blanket to disappear under. Regardless of the rings we exchanged signifying the love that unites us and the house we bought to shelter us while we chase our dreams and raise our daughter, two tasks that are essentially one in the same… regardless of everything we’ve grown to be, it doesn’t take much for us to refocus.  It doesn’t take much for us to tap into those moments, the landmarks of this journey we’re on that hold pockets of time we spent together along the way; it doesn’t take much at all to love this hard and to fill these walls with the memories that make us, to make this house our home sweet home full of warmth amidst the piles of snow that surround our foundation. They just may have been on to something when they said all you need is love.


  1. It's awesome that snow just brings you back to that moment(s) on the couch, just enjoying one another. Certainly, as married couples with children, we need those moments as a couple.


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