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June 29, 2016

I have a running list of comments, phrases, and one liners from Madison that I keep in my phone. I started collecting them when she started talking because almost as soon as she said something that had me laughing hysterically, she said something else funny that made me forget it entirely. I'm not sure if these are amusing to anyone else or just my wife, Allison, and me since we're her parents, but I have a feeling we'll look back one day enjoying that we captured some of her random comments (click here for more).

ALLISON:  Do you want to take dance again?
MADISON:  Yeah, but I want to be a different kind of ballerina.
ALLISON:  Really? What kind?
MADISON:  The kind that has long hair. I don't want a bun thing.


We're getting ready to leave the house...
ME:  When's the last time you used the potty?
MADISON:  40 hours ago.


Rubbing a blanket on her face...
ME:  What are you doing?
MADISON:  This blanket is warm to my head ford.


At a store...
ME:  I wonder how much this is.
MADISON:  It's sixty twenty dollars.


MADISON:  Did you post on your Instapants that I watched Doc McStuffins yesterday?
ME:  Instagram? No, I didn't.
MADISON:  Did you post that I snuck some of Mama's tasty French fries?
ME:  Nope.
MADISON:  You should do that.

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