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June 22, 2016

We drew a 5 on her foot for her age like Andy did his name on his favorites from Toy Story and she sat in the grass surrounded by a pile of characters from the movie. She put the same red hat upon her head that he wore, that Jessie wore with a loose braid, and her eyes lit up like Mr. Potato Head's did when he stumbled upon his eyeglasses. She requested a Toy Story theme for her party this year and we couldn't help but oblige. As a favorite movie of my own, it seemed the perfect opportunity to channel my inner child to help her celebrate this milestone birthday.

Our baby isn't such a baby anymore, the toddler wrist rolls and the words she stumbled over have remedied themselves and somehow we now have a little girl in our home. We rented a local gym full of balance beams and ball pits and more, inviting family and her closest friends to share laughs and cake with us. We watched as the party coaches strapped her into a harness before flying her over her friends, they tried to tickle her toes and she giggled and squeaked as she passed back and forth and her mother and I stood there as the last five years flashed before our eyes.

Five. An entire hand! Time - it really does fly when you're having fun.

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  1. Happy 5th birthday to Madison! As she reaches this milestone, may her days be filled with laughter, wonder, and boundless adventures. It's a joy to witness her growth and the bright future that lies ahead. Here's to celebrating this special day with love and cherished memories!Outpatient Drug Rehab Atlanta


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