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March 12, 2015

There was a time where my daughter didn’t say much at all other than dada and ball and somehow “mama” came out sounding like baba and all other requests were in the form of grunts. We debated speech therapy and her pediatrician encouraged us to give her a little more time, that she’s an only child and if we’re answering her every call before she’s given the chance to verbalize her wants/needs then she doesn’t have much reason to speak yet. So we gave it time and we waited and, seemingly overnight, she started talking in complete sentences around the 2 ½ year mark.

Along the way her pronunciation occasionally had us doing double takes to make sure we heard her correctly (more on that here). There were times where we asked her to name her colors just so we could soak in the sweet baby voice as she said yeah-yo for yellow (more on that here). Of course, these days she’s not shy of talking and oftentimes she’s talking from the moment she wakes in the morning until she hits the pillow again at night. We’ve even heard her talking in her sleep a few times so all those prayers encouraging her voice, of finding the words to express herself, have been answered.

While her vocabulary has seen significant growth since she started talking, especially in the last few months with words such as claustrophobic and inappropriate in rotation, there are still a few words she delivers that bring a smile to our faces every time she says them. Her mother and I are holding onto those as tight as we can just like we are to that little wrist roll that’s threatening to disappear with each coming day; we’re not na├»ve to the fact that our baby is quickly becoming a little girl so we wanted to document this… another (perhaps the last) installment of Translating Toddler Talk.


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