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April 20, 2014

For her, Easter started three days prior during preschool festivities when she mastered the hunt by returning from the playground with a bucket of plastic eggs. She sat at her designated seat surrounded by her classmates and nibbled on a Peep before devouring a cupcake. She practiced patience this weekend as her mother and I prepared our kitchen for the beginning of a tradition, for the coloring of eggs we plan to do again this time next year and the year after that. She woke Easter morning with an excitement in her belly, eager to see the evidence contained in a basket that an imaginary bunny left behind while she slept. She received a blue fish, a fish in a bowl delivered by a bunny, a solo fish she named Sassafras. We watched a movie the majority of the world has already seen and we pinched apart cinnamon rolls as our screen was filled with snow and ice from the animated palms of a newly crowned queen. We saw family and friends and sang Happy Birthday to a little boy who she says is cute every time his name is mentioned. Madison wished sentiments of Happy Easter Birthday whenever the opportunity presented itself slightly confused by the joining of two occasions within the span of 24 hours. We ate chocolate and cake and chocolate cake and we soaked in another day we have together all made possible by a stone that was rolled away, by a Man that had a cross to bear and a mission to return, Someone we pray to every night when we rest our head to pillow.

Happy Easter... it was happy indeed.

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