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April 21, 2014

The night before Easter, my wife and I wanted to do something exciting for the toddler in our home. We knew the endless photographs offering suggestions on Pinterest would inspire us, but before we resorted to pinned pictures from the boards of strangers we remembered this idea we stumbled across several weeks ago. However, we modified it a little. 

Thanks to a day or two of rain we were left with a soggy yard showing no signs of drying up before sunrise, so we opted for an indoor translation using “bud vases” and Nerds candy as our soil, we then let her plant three jelly beans in each and the next morning the jelly bean seeds had bloomed into lollipops (with the help of Easter Bunny magic, of course). 

She won’t always find these little moments as entertaining as she does now so I figure we better take advantage of them while we can and spark her imagination in the process. It may or may not be a coincidence that her mother loves jelly beans and I the Nerds so this tradition-in-the-making is a win/win for everyone involved.


  1. Yes, let's take advantage of the magic that is still in our children :). Very cute idea!


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