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April 16, 2014

As the weather whispers promises of warmth and the grass shows signs of green from months past and flowers start to bloom and all around the season is changing, this small piece of land we own is revealing itself to be covered in eager growth; the Earth's way of letting us know another day is just a sunrise away. A desire to be more, to be better, to be taller and wiser is apparent in the stretch of the trees out our window… and in the little girl that turns three years old in just under sixty days.

As winter becomes spring, I can’t help but notice the toddler I share with my wife transitioning into the next season of her life. The clearer speech and expanding vocabulary, the longer legs and leaner knees, the quick wit and vivid imagination, the curl in her hair threatening length with every day that passes is all a part of this journey we’re on. This path of parenting where she allows me to hold her hand along the way, an opportunity I’ll seize regardless of the season for as long as summer stands between spring and fall, for as long as I’m her father. After all, even with the teenage years and adulthood looming in the distance, she’ll always be my little girl and there isn’t a fallen snowflake or dust of pollen that could change that.

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