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Allison and I went to a wedding a few weeks back. I posted this picture on Instagram that day:


While that was such a quick statement meant to be a witty pun at the current weather conditions we were subject to at the moment, it stayed with me the rest of the evening. The attendees (myself included) were gathered and herded through a back gate and into a building where the outside ceremony would slowly evolve into an indoor exchange of vows.

We watched as the dance floor designated for the reception transitioned into an elevated platform and flowers were brought in from various areas to adorn the newly constructed site for the bride and groom to stand. The crowd was divided down the middle to create an aisle and one-by-one the wedding party made their way to the front of the room as a prologue to the bride’s appearance. Regardless of the weather conditions or nerves or any other internal dialogue she may have been repeating, the bride (as every bride should be) was beautiful.

Vows were exchanged and promises were made and I couldn’t help but reflect on the words Allison and I spoke to one another during our own wedding day. Almost 5 years later, we’ve managed to weather every storm to come our way. Together.  As any relationship can attest to, when it rains it pours (arguments are inevitable) but in the end it’s how you dry yourself off that counts.

If the love is true, if the love is real… it will conquer all.  Always.  For better or worse, rain or shine.

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