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June 16, 2013

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not sure what I did right along the way to earn the privilege of being Madison's father.  She's a blessing.  I'm reminded of this every day I'm able to hold her tiny hand in my own, but perhaps it's a little more obvious on the day designated to pay tribute to the honor it is to be a parent.  I'm honored to be the father of such an amazing little girl that hopefully will learn from my mistakes and ultimately make the world a better place.  If my influence on her is half of the influence she has on me, the wish of a kinder world will be a reality in due time.

Fatherhood is a club where the price of admission is change of mind.  Our children are given to us, in one way or another, to help us as much as we help them; a relationship like any other where both parties, side by side, continue to lean upon the other although for very different reasons.  To anyone fulfilling the responsibilities and sharing in the esteemed title of Dad... thanks for all you do.  Happy Father's Day.


  1. "admission is change of mind" - love that. What an adorable photo of Madison on her play grill next to you!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Allison snapped that photo of us one evening; it's among my favorite pictures of us.


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