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June 20, 2013

As a child, summer was by far my favorite time of the year primarily because school was out and my days were spent sleeping in then pool side.  Watching Madison develop favorites of her own is like seeing for the first time, a brand new perspective in which to view the world.

Last year, Madison was drawn to the ocean leaving piles of sand to fill in her tiny footprints behind her. She left sand castles deserted mid-construction as she eagerly made friends with the waves of the Atlantic. I never wanted that moment to end as the sound of her squealing laughter increased with every high five from the salty palms rushing towards us. I tried to match her smile with my own, but it’s impossible to compare the joy she exudes with the joy she provides… a race where the cars are forever parallel and never too far ahead of the other.

This week marks the beginning of summer and I can’t help but wonder if Madison will choose the ocean over the sand again this year. If so, will the sand recognize and compensate for those tiny footprints that have grown slightly over the last 365 days? We shall see.

Welcome summer.  It’s nice to see you again, old friend.

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