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Phillip Phillips released his first studio album, The World From The Side Of The Moon, in November of 2012.  With obvious comparisons to the likes of Dave Matthews Band, Mumford and Sons, even Jason Mraz on certain tracks it's clear Phillips was inspired to make great music... and he didn't disappoint.

This debut album from an American Idol winner is among the best music out right now.  There's not a single note auto-tuned, just a guy and his guitar singing the mess out of some songs.  He wrote the majority of the material on the album, just another example of how talented he really is.  The radio needs him.  The music industry needs him.  As long as he stays true to himself and the formula he's created, the future is his for the taking.

In the spirit of American Idol starting its new season later this week, let's revisit the moment the world was first introduced to Phillip Phillips in perhaps one of the best cover versions (and auditions) of a song.  Ever.

The recorded version of Thriller can be found on the deluxe edition of the album released by Target which also contains 5 additional songs (including Thriller) that aren't part of the regular release.

Are you a Phillip Phillips fan?  Were you surprised he beat Jessica Sanchez?

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  1. I loved Phil Phillips he was my fav and was so excited he won. I do hear the similarities of those other bands, but he is still awesome. Everyone singer at there resembles some artist one way or another.