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January 9, 2013

I'm feeling older these days for many different reasons even though I'm not even 30 yet (close, but not yet).  For example, my lower back seems to hurt all the time and I find myself squinting occasionally BUT I still have my teeth and my hair so you won't hear me complaining... unless I see Justin Bieber with his baggy britches. 

See?  Another example of getting old... I just used the word britches in a sentence.

Seriously though, what's the deal with the pants?  Every time I see him (on TV, of course, we don't live in the same town or anything) and he's wearing those pants, I want to sit him down and have a conversation that I imagine would go a little something like this:

Clearly it wouldn't go well, mainly because he thinks he's Ryan Seacrest based on his exit line.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is the MC Hammer (or the modified version) pants trend went out of style when hammer time expired in the late 90s.  They're not coming back, I don't care what Usher (or Ursher as he pronounces it) has to say about it.

Am I the only one that finds these pants insane?  Especially on a male?  Unless Bieber is really a... never mind.  The pants make him look like some sort of genie or like he's wearing a soiled diaper.  I don't like it. They're exceptionally tight around the ankle and for some reason I can't look past them.  Make it stop.

Anyone else distracted by these pants?  Or are you secretly wearing a pair while you read this? 

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  1. I died at "Ursher." These baggy britches have a name and I forget what they're called. Not MC Hammer pants... uhhh. uhhh.. shoot.

    AH!! Harem pants. Dat's right.

    1. I knew they had a name, but I couldn't Google baggy pants any more to find it... the image results were causing me to lose complete faith in society. So thanks for having my back, Roo!

  2. Britches, son, you channel Beiber really well. Strangely well....yea, MC Hammer pants flared from the ankle, not the crotch. These pants are ridiculous but often times, fashion is.

    1. Thank you. Thank you very much.

      (That was me channeling Elvis, in case you were wondering.)

  3. MC Hammer did wear this version, but there was another version that we wore in the 80's- Gaucho pants- the legs were loose and cropped? I think maybe Boy George wore them and possibly another variation by Duran Duran. Although I love new wave, I don't think it's returning. Neon sure seems to making a comeback on the soccer field these days!

    ohhhhooohhhh, ohhhoohh, stop Hammer time! See, if you're going to have the courage to wear need MC Hammer moves...that guy incredible dancer. We saw him at Jack FM concert last year and it was so fun! Oh, the memories. The Biebs can't pull this off unless he is doing MC Hammer/Michael Jackson moves...or break dancin'


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