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January 7, 2013

Every now and then a song comes along that bounces around in your head for weeks on end, no doubt causing you to sing and/or hum at the most random of moments.  For me, recently, that song has been Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars from his Unorthodox Jukebox album.

I've never been a fan of Bruno's before... I didn't not like him, he was just kind of around.  However, once I heard the Police throwback feel of Locked Out Of Heaven I found myself turning my ear a little more in his direction.  Then he started appearing all over everywhere performing a few other songs from his album and to my surprise, I liked them.  Young Girls and When I Was Your Man highlight the timbre and tone of his voice while the throwback vibe of If I Knew displays his overall control.  Who knew the dude could sing like that?

Michael Jackson is heard as inspiration on tracks like Treasure and Moonshine, but it's the Prince influenced tunes that stand out the most... Gorilla and Natalie.  Both songs are witty in lyric and genius in melody yet Gorilla is probably not the best song to jam out to with the kiddos in the car.  With that said, Bruno's Jukebox is a solid effort and a rare album eligible for playing from beginning to end.

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