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January 5, 2015

She received a few games for Christmas that we’ve been playing in heavy rotation ever since. Candy Land. Hi Ho Cherry-O. A version of Chutes and Ladders. They’re encouraging her to count and to apply herself and most of all they’re teaching her the importance of remaining positive. Whether or not she decides to play organized sports when she’s older, the lessons that come with being a good sport are applicable to life in general not just a game.

It’s important that she know how to lose gracefully and to celebrate her successes without making others feel indifferent for whichever side of the coin they happen to land on. Many things will go her way over the years and, unfortunately, many will not. As I’ve learned, it’s the reaction and the aftermath that defines our character. I would be letting her down and failing as a parent if I didn’t try to teach her the same.

Therefore, while we play to win in our home there aren’t any shortcuts from either side. I believe in being fair and enabling bad habits in effort to feed false expectations of winning every time just isn’t reality. When she wins, she wins fair and square.  When she loses, she asks to play again… a lesson I’m probably learning from her example. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded how necessary it is to get back up when you fall.


  1. Those games bring me back to childhood! Good to teach her rules and losing gracefully. Definitely our kids will face greater challenges than a game of Candyland so best to prepare them gently now. Though I do let some rules slip because I know our son is just being goofy.

    1. I forgot how much I enjoy a good board game! I can't wait to introduce her to Battleship or something a little less... covered in candy.


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