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August 26, 2014

She often asks if we can move to the beach and deep down I hope there comes a time where I’ll respond with a resounding yes, but for now I answer the request with a maybe one day and a hopefully so leaving room for the possibility. 

Every time we visited the sandy shore this summer she all but dove into the welcoming, temperamental waves of the Atlantic and every time she asked to stay longer and she asked with such eagerness that it was hard to pull her away. We took advantage of every opportunity that presented itself over the last few months to revisit the ocean that all three of us find peace in, to hear the whispers of wind blowing in from the surf, to smell the salt that we taste on our lips and to watch the world round off in the distance with our daydreams resting on the horizon. 

There’s something about the calming rush of water meeting land that puts everything into perspective, that reiterates just how powerful and perfect and possible it all is when left up to Him and while this summer was fairly laid back, it was definitely one for the books.

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