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June 20, 2014

Last Saturday we had our closest friends and family surround us as we watched our little girl exchange age two for age three while her mother and I allowed the party itself to distract us from the bittersweet reality that the baby phases are now behind us. We celebrated the joy she brings to all of our lives and we did so in a modified version of a backyard carnival.

With tickets as invitations and a bounce house in place of games, there were sno cones and popcorn and cotton candy and lemonade. There were corn dogs, fifteen to be exact, which warranted curious looks from the drive-thru attendant when I ordered them yet her raised brows relaxed to frame the wink she gave me once I explained they were for a party. 

We lit candles and sang the repetitive lyrics that one does at an occasion of this sort and I held my breath as she made her wish followed by several attempts to extinguish the three tiny flames, a task she achieved much quicker than this time last year despite the addition of another waxed torch thrown in the mix. Frosting spotted plates and clean licked forks littered the tables as the evidence of bare feet littered the lawn and the sun slowly made the setting journey west bringing an end to a day that will forever be hers.

Happy Birthday, Madison.

Regardless of how old you are, you'll always be my baby.


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to Madison! I love the party theme and what a great photo at the end! I love the trailing 3 balloon and her glancing back at the bounce house.

    1. Thanks! That 3 balloon is still inflated (a week later)... she had a lot of fun.


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