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March 30, 2014

The sound of the rain provided a soundtrack to our Saturday this past weekend as we played a never ending game of catch with piles of laundry that by volume alone would give the impression more than three occupants reside under our roof. We wrapped ourselves in blankets refusing to change from our pajamas if only to shower and change into another pair fresh from the dryer. We cuddled with the toddler that threatens us every day with glimpses of growing up too quickly; we studied her eyelashes and memorized the dimples in the fleeting fat of her flat feet as arches start to appear promising tomorrow she’ll be just a bit taller. Its not often the opportunity presents itself to cocoon inside our dwelling without any tasks to tend to outside of our walls or errands to run or obligations to uphold, its not often we get 24 hours all to ourselves to soak in the tiny treasures of our lives that hang on our walls and occupy our shelves and I’m sure as the days go by and Madison’s age starts collecting years at a rate we could never prepare ourselves for, times such as these will be even fewer and further between. This past weekend though, this past weekend was simply perfect.


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