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February 4, 2014

Last year, Allison and I found a small blue mailbox and adopted it as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in our home.  We leave it out before bedtime on the last day of January and when Madison wakes the first morning of February a small gift waits for her inside… this happens every day leading up to the fourteenth in which the mailbox disappears until the following year.  The gifts range from two chocolate kisses (one from Allison and one from myself) to crayons to one larger gift we typically leave for Valentine’s Day (this year it will be these since she’s been asking for them constantly).  Some days there are gifts left by her grandparents and some days there may be a simple note.

Speaking of gifts, the folks at Printstagram gifted Madison a set of their sticker books; with pictures pulled directly from my Instagram feed and turned into stickers, it’s the best of both worlds.  It amazes me that toddlers know how to navigate through a phone well enough to browse through photos or better yet how to flip and tap their way through the Instagram app… combine that joy with the stickers I find stuck to my couch or my arm like a tattoo sleeve and it’s nothing short of perfection.  

In addition to the book of stickers Madison found in her mailbox, Printstagram sent me several square prints from my feed as well.  The photos themselves measure 4”x4” and have the perfect weight to them.  In a time where I find myself craving actual pictures to hold but never find the time to print them, having those moments printed for me and delivered directly to my door was not only convenient but very much appreciated.  Stop by Printstagram to get in on the action and/or get the app.

I received the aforementioned products in exchange for writing a review, but the opinion is my own.


  1. What a cute tradition! And I love getting IG photos printed. This company sounds cool. I like stickygrams too.

    1. This is the first time I've had my IG photos printed, but I'll definitely be printing more.

  2. OMG.International.shipping.


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