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February 25, 2014

(This is a sponsored post, but the words are all mine.)

Humans, by nature, are competitive creatures. We can all try to deny it, but it’s true.

Admit it, you’ve been in a room with someone trying to open a jar of salsa (or pickles or spaghetti sauce or other jarred item) and someone says confidently, “give it here, let me try”. They open it and smile. They pass the jar back with the lid barely resting upon the lip of the glass container and smile wider. You say, “I loosened it” and inside you’re desperately trying to convince yourself that you did.

You’re with your significant other driving to an unfamiliar destination and the GPS has you going in circles. One of you wants to stop and ask for help, one of you doesn’t. One of you knows you’re lost and the other knows that you know you’re lost yet is determined to prove you wrong. Thirty minutes later when entering a neighborhood that encourages you to lock your doors and say a silent prayer for four healthy tires, defeat plays through the speakers loud and clear. One of you says you should have been driving and the other thinks the situation would be worse if that were the case.

Sometimes a friendly competition is all we need to light a fire within.

I know with March around the corner, the New Year resolutions of getting healthy may have taken a slight detour. Maybe it’s all the snow. Maybe it’s the busy schedules. Maybe a new flavor of chips decorated the shelves of your local grocery store begging for a ride home. Whatever the excuse, now is the time to course correct. Now is the time to get healthy, for real. I'm serious.

Let’s make a bet! In fact, I’ve teamed up with Roo from Neon Fresh to host a DietBet and to make ridiculous faces. Think of it as the match to light that proverbial fire, a little friendly competition to get the calories burning (or your glutes).

If you're not familiar with a DietBet, the video below explains how it works.

It’s a great way to earn money while losing weight. It’s a great way to beat your friends and feel good doing so. The more people to enter, the larger the pot so tell everyone you know. ß(Mom, this means you. Don’t worry; it’s not that kind of bet. Gambling is a game of chance and losing weight is more of something we can control. Don't look at me like that.)

>> Click HERE to join our DietBet << The game officially starts Monday, March 3rd. And for the sake of a disclaimer, let’s all agree to do this the healthy way and remove the F-word from our vocabularies.

This post is sponsored by DietBet. The opinions and inflated cheeks are my own.

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