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December 8, 2013

It rained off and on all weekend.  Two days worth of cold tears I imagine the heavens cry when they want the world to temporarily retreat inside their glowing shells of Christmas lit homes.  The kind of freezing water the sky navigates to our land encouraging us all to light our fireplaces and settle in settling down with our loved ones.

We followed Mother Nature’s directions and abandoned all errands this weekend in effort to run them another day.  We held an impromptu photo shoot for this year’s Christmas card.  We cleaned our home and played an exhausting game of catch with laundry and our TiVo.  We assembled puzzles and read stories.  We ordered take-out to stay in.  We listened to Christmas albums on repeat and watched Madison watch Christmas classics soaking ourselves in the light of her eyes; the same light responsible for illuminating our house on a daily basis, but perhaps never as bright as in the last few days.  Christmas is two weeks from Wednesday and I anticipate those big brown eyes of hers will outshine the town... and I can’t wait.

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