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December 5, 2013

Since Madison started preschool, we’ve seen an increase of paper products entering our house.  Paper covered in paint with a crispy, crunchy, hardened feel.  Paper with accidental holes from a toddler’s first water coloring experience.  Paper in shapes glued to other pieces of paper.  Paper scribbled top to bottom in crayon, a mini masterpiece of colorful wax. 

Each one unique from the other. 

Each one special in their own right. 

Each one begging to be displayed.

Every time we unzip the lavender backpack with Madison's name embroidered across the front to find another creation, we quickly realize the amount of excitement we find inside is overshadowed by the challenge of where to put it all.  We genuinely enjoy looking at every piece of artwork she makes so we had to find a solution to save them… and we did.  We found Artkive.

Artkive is an app that allows you to take a picture of the oh-so-precious production and store it in a gallery for easy access.  The artwork is sorted and categorized and labeled by name and age, an OCD person’s dream organization system.  It also provides the preference of separating creations by child, if applicable.  The app will allow sharing directly to your personal Facebook timeline, if desired, or each piece of artwork can be emailed to Grandma or other recipients added to a share group within the app itself. 

Should one prefer to feel the paper between their fingers and see the art in person, Artkive will print the entire gallery (or specific creations as selected) in the form of a book... an opportunity we plan to explore in June once Madison turns three then again every year thereafter as a way to chronicle the artistic aspect of her childhood.

Throwing the original copy away is optional.  We store all of Madison’s in a drawer for now and have a few pieces framed while others rotate on a magnetic chalkboard, our current display method of choice.  If discarding the artwork proves to be as difficult for my wife as the task of newborn clothes seemed to be then we’ll probably keep them all in the end; however, it's nice to have options.

Artkive is a great way to manage all the paper without spending any paper, unless buying a book is an option explored and even then the pricing is reasonable.  Artkive is easy, straightforward and user friendly.

It's genius really. 

Much like Madison's incredible Picasso-like sketch she drew just after turning two years old...

I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review.  All opinions and statements are my own.

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