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December 14, 2013

It happened a year ago.  December 14th
The day someone ruined Christmas for a nation.  A day that started like the ones before until someone robbed a town of their children and their wishes and the opportunity of chasing dreams into fruition.  The day someone decided to steal the peace and joy this season is known for and walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School attempting to play God.

We send our children to school in hopes of increasing their quality of life, not to have it interrupted and collected like stamps of a hobbyist.  We must never forget the significance of this day as it woke us from a hibernation of parental sublime and forced us to look in the eyes of evil if only to say it exists, an alarm clock without an option to snooze that rings in our ears at deafening decibels. 
As a parent, I cannot imagine the crushing weight of pain that consumes one after the loss of a child.  As a parent, I cannot fathom the feeling of having your worst nightmare become reality.  I can’t wrap my head around the thought of transitioning from the role of protector to one that needs protecting… after all, that’s exactly what the parents of those 20 children need.  The families and friends of all 26 victims from the Sandy Hook community need protection and support and strength because time doesn’t always heal our wounds and although they may have learned to cope with the pain, it’s only because a part of them remains numb from the sudden amputation of a limb from their family tree.
I’m sure we can agree the love for our children will always outweigh the differences between us.  Someone once said it takes a village to raise a child and as much pride as it takes for a parent to admit this, sometimes it’s true.  If we allow it to, the love for our children is capable of uniting us all... and saving us in the end.

Evil may exist, but it doesn't have to win

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