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December 16, 2013

Saturday morning we traded the thought of sleeping in for tickets to Disney On Ice and watched the characters we often see on our screens live in person.  We caught it… the contagious smile plastered on Madison’s face at the sight of those mice in clothes by the name of Mickey and Minnie.  We sat on the edge of our seats as they guided us through various celebrations:  a most unusual birthday party with Alice and the Mad Hatter, a spooky Halloween dance with popular villains and a snow covered Christmas finale with fireworks and the toys from Toy Story

Among the medley of celebrations was a Valentine’s Ball including the princesses and their love interests, Madison’s favorite part of the show and (if I’m being completely honest) our favorite part, as well.  We watched as Aladdin and Jasmine transformed the ice into a whole new world of professional skating acrobatics we weren’t prepared to witness; Disney always seems to raise the bar in regards to entertainment, but our expectations were relatively low for ice skating tricks.  We were wrong and na├»ve and foolish to underestimate the magic of the franchise.  One after the other, each princess had a moment in the spotlight with her designated prince until Ariel (in a pink dress sans mermaid fin) and Prince Eric skated out as icing on the proverbial cake.

We caught Madison staring at her shoes a few times throughout the show and were convinced in her head she was exchanging them for ice skates as she requested to join Daisy and Belle and the others several times. Once home later that evening with a Christmas movie playing and a present wrapping station in progress, Allison and I watched Madison skate her toys around the coffee table before picking up Ariel in a barefoot triple axel.  At one point, she flew Tinkerbell around the living room with her wings fluttering in rhythm with our hearts.  It never gets old, this joy of parenting, somehow it keeps managing to renew itself day after day.

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