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September 10, 2013

I read an article the other day (here) about a couple of high school sweethearts that were married 75 years and then died a day apart from each other.  Les and Helen defied the odds of their unlikely romance and proved people wrong by holding onto a love they knew to be true.  Ultimately, he struggled with Parkinson's and she was battling stomach cancer when suddenly he slipped into a coma and she became weak and passed away.  He died the next day.  Maybe it was the disease... or maybe it was a broken heart.  Their children and grandchildren testify to the fact "they were never apart" and always enjoyed each other's company.  Stories like these cut through the clutter of violence and misfortune we tend to see daily and remind us that relationships are what we have to really hold onto in this life. 

Allison and I met in high school and have been inseparable ourselves ever since.  We even work together.  I'm sure some see us as co-dependant and they may even be right to an extent, but we enjoy the time we have together and it's our choice to experience everything hand-in-hand.  As partners.  As equal halves of a whole.  Hopefully, we'll continue having the opportunity of sharing every peak and valley life has to offer side-by-side.  If we're as lucky as Les and Helen, we'll grow old and gray together laughing and crying and reveling in the love we nurtured throughout our lives.  Some may look at this couple and see a tragic demise of a love story, but when I look at them I see the happiest of endings. 

A vow unbroken until death parted them.

To Les and Helen.  May their once upon a time live on happily ever after as a testament that real love exists.

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