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September 21, 2012

The change of season not only means a shift in North Carolina weather and home décor, but it also means the time has come to once again sort through Miss Madison's clothes to discover what she can and cannot wear.  Anyone with a child can vouch that they grow faster than... well, faster than weeds (for the lack of a better phrase).  Cliché, but true!  Upon sorting the little nugget's clothes, the wife and I found that she had outgrown the majority of her shoes.  Furthermore, we found that she had a ton of shoes to begin with.

Ridiculous, I know.  If there's one thing we learned during this particular sort and purge experience, it's that a one year old does not need this many shoes.  However, we justified it by the fact she's our first (and only) child and we assumed she would necessitate the same shoe needs as an adult.  A pair for dressier outfits, a pair for more casual outfits, flips flops which apparently she needed two pairs (they were only $2 a piece from Old Navy, so that has to count for something), the rain boots and tennis shoes were both gifts which means they don't count since we didn't purchase them.  Nonetheless, lesson learned.  We spoiled her within the first year and she wasn't even really walking yet... this time around we decided to limit her shoe selection to only what she needed.  Since she's bound to hit a growth spurt sooner rather than later, we're looking at 3-4 months max with her current shoe size of four.  Consequently, those months are the remainder of September (all one week of it) through December.  Since she has a pretty strong grasp of walking running when the mood strikes, it's crucial that she have a pair of tennis shoes... so we headed to the shoe store most convenient by proximity.  Shoe Carnival.  It's in the shopping center near work which made for an easy, breezy choice.

Once there we made our way over to the kiddie section, which luckily Shoe Carnival has a pretty decent selection.  The wife and I kept in mind that we didn't want to spend too much on this purchase considering the time frame they would be worn and the fact we wanted to purchase a pair of boots for the tot a little later once the weather really eased into Fall.  We capped the search at $30 crossing our fingers for something much less.

We ultimately decided on the black converses.  This is why...
  1. Black goes with everything.
  2. At $27, they were under budget (barely).
  3. They had laces, as opposed to the slide on options, which allowed us to tighten/loosen as needed.
  4. I have a pair of gray converses that I love because of how comfortable they are, plus Madison likes to point them out every time I wear them so we thought she would like a pair of her own.
  5. Last, but not least... they're just downright cute.
Decision made and we were on our way home to try them on those itty, bitty, fat feet of hers.  We made the purchase right after work so we didn't have her with us to try them on in-store; worst case scenario, if they didn't fit we would return them.  That's why they have return policies, right?  I ain't skurred.  Not only did she love them, but she immediately realized they were miniature versions of my own (she ran over to my feet and pointed at my shoes, but I had on Sperry's and not converses... what a disappointment).  They looked even better on her feet than they did on the shelf.

Mission accomplished!  She couldn't stop staring at them... with her tongue out and everything.

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