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September 18, 2012

I was asked once during a job interview to name three things that motivate me.  A few seconds went by and I responded with “money” – I was young and clearly didn’t have my priorities straight and once I spit out “money” I wasn’t able to come up with anything else.  I sat there staring at this gentleman a little older than my father and the lady beside him staring at me, without a doubt, judging me by the weight of the silence filling the room.  I completely blanked.  It was a fair question and should have been fairly easy to answer, yet I had never really thought about it before.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.  However, I left that interview more in touch with reality than ever before.

Ask me today (several years later) to name three things that motivate me and I could answer you immediately (and money does not make the list).   For starters, my wife is probably the biggest motivator in my life.  We’ve been together since we were fourteen / fifteen so she’s had the luxury of being with me on the journey from youth to adult and every bump along the way.  Knowing that I have her in my corner definitely makes sleeping at night easier and waking up in the morning worthwhile.  I have no idea what I did right to find her so early in life!  There’s no question, we belong together.
I also have no idea what I did right to deserve my daughter.  Not only does she motivate me, but she inspires me.  I felt so full and complete the first time I saw her face as if I found a piece of me that had been missing all along.  Ever since I held her in my arms, I knew life had taken on a completely different meaning.  She gave me purpose, she represented a fresh start and without even trying, she awakened the desire to chase any dream I was brave enough to dream because she (as any baby does) proves that miracles do happen.  There is so much beauty in life and I’m reminded every time  she reaches for me or smiles in my direction and more than ever when she calls me “Da Da” or “Da Dee” while I hear the pit pat of her tiny feet coming my way. 
The last thing I find motivating turns out to be me, myself, and I (no, not the Beyoncé song).  I discovered along the way how important it is to believe in yourself because if you don’t see the possibilities and potential within, you can’t expect anyone else to pick up on them either.  Unless it’s your wife, of course, or at least my wife has the uncanny ability to mentally catalog every talent and fault I possess plus the advantages of each. I’m telling you, she’s amazing and I couldn’t be more blessed! Regardless, it’s important that one push themselves to be authentic, to be brave, and to take chances.  Lesson learned... it's not all about the benjamins, it's actually about everything else.

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