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June 7, 2017

The house lights were dim making shadows of the audience and there was an audible catch of breath from several around us once the curtains slid open. She tends to have the same effect on me too -- breathtaking. The spotlight was on her and we watched her strike a pose before the music started then she found the beat and encouraged her fellow dancers to do the same. The fringe of her skirt swayed and shook as the toes and heels of her feet tapped along, a group of tiny dancers with a ton of stage presence. 

From tap to ballet, she returned to the stage with her friends having traded fringe for tulle. They twirled around as they do, a beautiful disaster at some points at this age, and we smiled until our cheeks hurt then we clapped until our palms did too. Watching her arms and legs extend measuring the grace and height she's gained since last year this time further proves how quickly she's growing up. The curtain closed at the end of her second performance and just before the left met the right, her eyes met mine and despite all the rhythm in the room my heart still skipped a beat.


  1. What a great album of photos! It looks like Madison really enjoys Dance :) Keep on blogging!

  2. That is so cute. I love dance recitals and have been in quite a few in my time. I've been doing ballet and tap since three and still doing it. I love her costume and miss those oversized bows and tulle tutu. Must be so nice watching her. Aldo you took so many great photos.


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