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September 28, 2016

Traffic came to a complete stop as detour signs poorly navigated us around closed roads. We were early, the concert didn’t start for another three hours, but we figured it would be best to have plenty of time to find a parking spot and maybe grab a bite to eat before she took the stage. The line of vehicles in front of us turning one at a time, without any sense of urgency, proved the validity of our thought process.

We turned our music off and rolled our windows down inviting the September breeze into our car while we waited. Then we heard a familiar voice. We heard lines we recalled to music we knew and we realized she was warming up. We were so early that we got to listen to her run through a few songs and talk to her band and the sound technician adjusting the feedback of her microphone.

My wife’s favorite singer is Grace Potter and when I heard she was having a concert within driving distance, I got the tickets as soon as they became available. It’s not often the opportunity to check something off your bucket list presents itself within close range, within the stretch of your fingertips. We got the tickets and counted down the days and made a mark on her proverbial list. Grace Potter? Check.

We parked our car and walked around the venue for a small place to eat, all the while listening to her voice following us, loud and clear, passionate and soulful, even during a sound check. We finished our appetizers and the last of our drinks and made our way through the tall buildings lining the streets and back to the stage. We found a comfortable spot in the front row and waited patiently.

The sun started sliding away taking the light with it and in its place were spotlights of purple and pink and red and orange. Finally Grace stepped on stage, kicked her shoes off, hit every note and I fell in love with my wife a little more. After 16 years, I still enjoy dating her - even though we’re married, even though we have a child together, even though it doesn’t happen nearly enough – the journey is so much more fun when your best friend is riding shotgun.

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