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October 22, 2015

She ran her fingers over the mums as she passed and despite all the pots of blooms surrounding her, she still managed to stand out among them. I suppose she always will… in my eyes, at least. I watched as she selected which ones would leave with us and while she stepped lightly through the rows of bright yellows and burnt oranges and deep purples, Fall’s color palette, I watched my little girl grow up. I suppose that’s what I’ve been doing every day since I held her and will continue to do every day going forward.  As the leaves let go of the trees and the grass lets go of the green, I’m forced to let go of the baby she once was in exchange for the little girl she is now. Her bouncing curls and concrete opinions, her squinting laughs and numerous questions, her eagerness to learn and ability to remember it all – this might just be my favorite season yet.


  1. SO cute!!

    Allie /

  2. These photos are absolutely adorable! She is a cutie!


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