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September 30, 2015

I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn’t. Every jerk of the shaky mechanics around us forced me to hold her hand tighter than was probably necessary and while I wanted nothing more to get off the Ferris wheel, I knew how much she wanted to be on it so I swallowed my stomach that had moved into my throat and forced a smile until it was over. 

“We can see the whole world from up here!” she said, her messy bun bounced as she spoke.

A statement that seemed exaggerated, but was really the truth in that moment… I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was so excited and happy and mesmerized by riding the main ride she was too short for the last two years that when she stepped up to the picture measuring her height and realized she met the requirement, she personified joy.

We stepped out of the bucket once the ride was over and she met back up with her friends, the children of our friends, and we tackled the fair one ride at a time. They ran ahead throwing laughs behind them and they played a game where they plucked a duck to win a prize and they tucked away bags of cotton candy for later. 

The forecast called for showers all day, but Mother Nature was exceptionally kind to us that evening. Although we came prepared in our rain boots and umbrellas, the rain stopped and started in perfect time for us to collect a few hours of fun under a gray sky. We couldn’t let the fair come to town without stopping by just like we can’t deny... rain or shine... how fast she’s growing up on us.


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