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August 25, 2015

It’s been a while… since I saw how small she still is. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the growing and the evolving and the learning that I forget to stop and soak in the now. The way her curls bounce back after a bath or the way her words smile when she’s excited about the story she’s telling or the way she wraps herself around my leg like a cat when she doesn’t want me to leave for work. Everything is happening so fast and right now, it's easy to let one day blur with the next and before you know it a few months have passed.

This summer, she grew more than we were expecting. Her mother and I know we can’t keep her small forever and while some days we want nothing more than to do just that, there’s something beautiful in watching her become her own person. Her head rests on my hip when standing beside me and when in my arms, her legs stretch around my waist threatening at any moment to prove she’s too big for me to hold; regardless of how hard it tries, I’ll never accept that truth.

Sure, her feet grew an entire size and a half over the last few months. Sure, she’s almost at the point of needing a new bed entirely with her limbs pushing the limit her toddler mattress enforces. Sure, she can wash her hands and brush her teeth without the need of a stool at the sink. Sure, she can change her own clothes and sort her own laundry. Sure, she’s four going on fourteen but in spite of every detail that further proves how big she’s getting, when I take a step back to look I still see my little girl with the whole world ahead of her.

It’s been a while… since I wrote some words about her in this space yet there’s so much more to say.

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