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December 21, 2014

Black boots that stopped just above her ankle with a buckle on the side. A fluffy tutu made larger by layers and layers of colored tulle with a band around her waist covered in glitter. The bow in her hair that bounced with every word she belted into the microphone she was holding. There was nothing really traditional about our Christmas card this year. If it weren’t for the tree she danced around, the holiday may have unintentionally been glanced over… yet she rocked it and loved every minute of it.

When tossing around ideas for our card, we knew we wanted to continue the theme we went with last year where we used a song lyric from a Christmas carol as inspiration and while we had several in mind, Madison seemed to be the most excited about potentially rocking out so it pretty much planned itself. We turned on her favorite song and let her improvise while we snapped away and crossed our fingers we captured her enthusiasm. As always, I think the proof is in the outtakes... and we have plenty of them. Merry Christmas!

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