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July 21, 2014

While Allison and I cycle through our Netflix queue on the regular catching up on movies and binge watching television shows (Breaking Bad is our current addiction), we also try to incorporate some family friendly selections for our self proclaimed movie nights. Movie nights are evenings we curl up on the couch with our limbs twisted and pieced together, all three of us, enjoying snacks we shouldn’t and settle in for a viewing of the latest animated feature. Sometimes, like this past weekend, we introduce a classic to Madison and in doing so we find it’s almost as if we’re watching it for the first time all over again.

Seeing her eyes light up as the door of the Gale’s home opened revealing the transition of sepia tones to color was like reliving our childhood through her eyes, a realization I have more often than not these days. She smiled as Toto trotted along behind Dorothy and cried when he was shoved into a basket upon the back of a bike belonging to an ill-mannered witch of a lady. She wears her heart on her sleeve, that girl, and I know the feeling all too well yet almost as quickly as I recognize myself in her I see her mother just the same. There’s no question she’s the best of both of us, a fact that continues to prove itself at every turn.

When asked about The Wizard of Oz, here is what Madison had to say…

Tell me about The Wizard of Oz. What happens?

Dorothy was running with her dog. There was a big storm coming and the house did like this [spins around in circles] and a mean old lady turned into a bad witch and the rainbow colors came.

Then what happened?

Then a beautiful witch came in a bubble and she looks like a princess, that was a BIG dress and a HUGE wand, then the little munchkins came out to sing and dance. Then the munchkins hide for a minute, they were scared of the mean witch… she wants those sparkly shoes.

Did Dorothy find any friends along the way?

Scarecrow and Tinman were her friend’s names, but I like Glinda. I do not like when that witch takes her dog away though.

Anything else?

Dorothy came back home and that’s the end.

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