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April 9, 2014

She’s been in a “daddy mood” this week. She gives me extra kisses when she rests her head on her pillow at night adding so much to her bedtime I love you after her mother and I tuck her in. She asks for me as soon as she wakes in the morning and she runs to stop me as I’m leaving for work screaming waaiiit so I’ll pause in my tracks kneeling for one more hug before we part ways only to greet me with the same enthusiasm when I return hours later. She insists that I play with her and I do, we play with dolls and blocks lost somewhere in her imagination. She holds my hand and rests her head on my shoulder unprompted and whispers that she wants to cuddle and I drop everything to let her. This little girl has quickly become one of my most favorite people in the world and if this last week is any indication of how she feels then it seems the feeling may be mutual... I only hope she remembers this moment as our lives continue collecting the years. I know I will.

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