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March 26, 2014

I shave far less than I probably should. However, when I do I find there’s something surprisingly refreshing about the process of hiding your face under a mask of foam and emerging again as a new, smoother version of yourself. The instant gratification of watching your reflection transform from scruffy to clean within minutes is almost meditative in how one is able to achieve the illusion of shaving years off their age with a single act.

Since I started shaving, I’ve used the popular brands of blades gracing the shelves of every store devoting a section to personal hygiene. I’ve used razors with replacement blades and vibrating handles. I’ve used shaving foam and shaving cream that starts as gel and ends in foam. I’ve used shaving soap and shaving brushes. Multiple promises of a closer shave have rotated through the revolving door of my bathroom at some point or another in the last 15 years. Most recently, the guys over at Dollar Shave Club sent me one of their razors and their version of shaving cream called Shave Butter.

I received “the 4x” which contains 4 blades that are comparable to those same brands of my past. The handle of the razor fits comfortably in my hand and the pivot of the blade head makes the task of shaving as easy as it should be. The Shave Butter offers an alternative to the generic experience of dragging a blade across your face by providing a transparent, non-foaming version of shaving cream. It’s smooth and nearly eliminates razor bumps or ingrown hairs. It also removes the need for an aftershave lotion as it hydrates the skin during the process.

I was hesitant about the Dollar Shave Club as I’ve noticed in life if most things appear too good to be true, oftentimes it’s because they are… yet the product here delivers. Literally. It’s delivered to your door once a month and at a price much cheaper than the constant expense of replacement blades the competition offers. With the ease of obtaining the necessary tools and the results they provide plus Madison reminding me “you need to shave Daddy, your face is rough” every time growth threatens to appear under my chin and above my lip, I might just start shaving more often.

Original image source. I received the aforementioned products in exchange for a review, but the opinions and facial hair (or lack thereof) are all my own.

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