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January 5, 2014

This week has to be my least favorite week of the entire year.  The week following the holidays when everything returns to normal… back to 40 hour work weeks, back to three cups of coffee before 9am, back to stalking the clock watching a countdown of the hours until I can wrap my arms around all the joy a tiny toddler can provide which turns out to be much more than one could ever try to imagine.

Speaking of, the tiny toddler mentioned isn’t so tiny anymore.  It seems she’s growing a little more every day.  Who knew?  I mean, obviously children grow but it feels like our time with Madison is gaining speed and this ride we’re strapped into is gaining momentum; this movie flashing before our eyes doesn’t have an option to pause and one innocent blink could cause you to miss a moment entirely.  There’s never a chance to tap the breaks or rewind, so we’re forced to hold on with everything we have trying to remember all that we can from every phase that has passed while preparing ourselves for what lies ahead yet attempting to live in the moment all at the same time. 

Parenting.  It’s probably the most exhausting of all jobs, but the reward is far greater than the rest.

The photos above are from preschool pictures of Fall 2013... I'm just really late posting them.


  1. Stop. I can't.....she's adorable. Gahhhhh.

    1. Thanks! I can't either... I can't stop squeezing her and I can't believe she's growing up so fast.


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