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November 21, 2013

I saw this quote somewhere a while ago and it stuck like a yellow post-it note in my mind, a constant reminder to pause and focus on the little things in the moment instead of looking ahead towards the bigger events down the road.  An idea that sounds simple in theory, but is often easier said than done.  It's an effort I'm trying to make.

Little things like cuddle time on Sunday afternoons, piecing together puzzles after dinner, one more cartoon after bedtime or finding a few chocolate chips in a snack cup of fruit flavored loops... a surprise sometimes left behind on preschool mornings when Madison comes into our room and eats breakfast in our bed, the beeg bed she says, before the rushed routine of the weekday begins. 

Then there's my new favorite thing, decoding toddler-talk in little random voicemails from a two year old once she discovers those chocolate chips hidden among her fruit loops.  The little things.  :)

"Thank you Daddy for getting me chocolate chips ... love you."


  1. Awww, she leaves you voicemail, how cute! The hubs gets J to call me at work sometimes, like when I leave the house before them. It's the cutest.

    1. Agreed. Her voice gets my attention like no other.


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