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November 14, 2013

Fatherhood is an interesting thing.  There are times when you catch the eye of another father in a restaurant with a somewhat quiet kid sitting up straight, the picture of perfect posture while your own child laughs hysterically as they drop crayons on the floor... but only one at a time and only after you've retrieved and returned the fallen crayon to the table do they release the next one.  The look you notice in the father's eye isn't one of solidarity, but more so of achievement with a hint of smugness and a touch of competition as if to say his kid is better than yours.  Or at the very least, he's better at this whole fatherhood thing.

Then there are times where you catch the eye of another father in the grocery store pushing a cart as he passes by with the legs of a toddler swinging from the front, there's a slight nod acknowledging the unspoken sense of community formed in that moment.  A sense of brotherhood and an immediate bond of we're in this together, a silent agreement of I've got your back if you've got mine.  While this proves true more often than the first scenario, the one constant I've noticed in my two years since joining the Fatherhood Club is there is nothing more uniting than daughters.  There's something about the experience of fathering a little girl that instantly ties us together, the effort of protecting the damsels in distress of today while empowering the women they will eventually become tomorrow... a goal we all seem to share.

When I jumped in head first to swim in the vast waters of fatherhood, I found myself desperately looking for an instruction manual or a how-to book of all the right things to say or do.  As a result of that search, I found a proverbial buoy to keep me afloat during those times of complete confusion and extreme exhaustion.  I found Life to Her Years.

A blog created by a father inspired by his daughter.  A blog providing tips and advice to other fathers experiencing the privilege of raising beautiful women, for other men struggling to achieve the perfect ponytail, for those of us sitting at a toddler sized table with our knees to our chest for a sip of the best invisible tea ever made.  Imagine my excitement when one of my favorite blogs featured one of my favorite father/daughter moments to date.  If Life to Her Years isn't a place on the web you frequent, that should change.

"She isn't making a mess... she's making memories."

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