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September 17, 2013

The last few days Madison has had a rattling cough and a slight fever that was clearly contagious.

I know this because I have it now. Stuffy nose, heavy head, scratchy throat… the works. 

Madison is already recovering as evidenced by the piles of toys everywhere although we decided to keep her home from preschool today, just in case.  We didn’t want any other kids to catch what she had (or upset parents in the event they did).

So we’re three weeks in and she’s already missed a day. Is that some kind of record?

Yesterday I had vegetable + beef soup for lunch from a local deli and it was delicious. I’ve had it before and I knew it would hit the spot. The first spoonful immediately provided warmth for my throat running all the way through to my fingertips, an internal hug my immune system had been begging for.

Today I went against my better judgment and decided to try something different:  French Onion soup.

I quickly discovered that I hate French Onion soup.  You learn something new every day.

I'm not extremely picky when it comes to food and I'll try pretty much anything once.  However, I won't be eating this again.  Lesson learned.  I’ll take veggie + beef any day of the week or chicken noodle or even Ramen noodles.  Tonight Allison is making a huge pot of her chili, a family recipe that she won't let me post.  Maybe some day.  I'll work on it.

Original photo source unknown until someone tells me otherwise.

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